About me

I'm Ben!

I work on computer stuff -- mainly "infrastructure," which seems to mean the computer stuff at least one layer removed from user interaction -- at a company called Chroma. In my free time I like to hike, play bad music, cook decent food, see my friends, and lift weights.

About this website

I built this website myself, including most of the components needed to generate it (layouts, styling, HTML templating, ssg[1]). This was scary for me since I had never done web development work before. But it was fun! All the code and config are on github.

I thought it would be fun to make this an "upside-down" website. The entire website has no paths (things that come after the /, for example the about in beneggers.com/about). Instead, it relies on subdomains to represent different pages: a page that would normally be called beneggers.com/posts/some-post is instead called some-post.posts.beneggers.com. This introduced a lot of headaches for no benefit whatsoever; I plan to write about it sometime.


I am committed to making this site accessible to anyone who wants to view it. If you have any suggestions for how I could do better, please email me at ben (at) beneggers (dot) com. I take this very seriously.


Many aspects of this site were inspired by, or stolen from, other people's work.

[1] I did use a Markdown parser.